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Named by a client, Wise Legal Solutions is a sole practice legal service.

Tariq Ibrahim is the master of law behind the name whose background, knowledge and expertise puts the wise in your legal solutions.

Renowned for his capacity to ascertain the reality of a situation in order to resolve it, while being similarly reliable with more process driven matters, Tariq possesses a keen and philosophical sense of justice that coupled with a commercial outlook and a diligent approach manifests into wise legal solutions for you.

Practice Areas

The areas of law that Tariq chooses to practice in are

Practice Areas


From taxes to trusts, contract disputes to consumer law, administrative decisions to business purchases and sales, you can expect a top-tier commercial law service from Tariq without the top-tier price.


Having worked exclusively in construction advisory and studied Construction and Projects law at the Masters level, Tariq is well-equipped to assist in this dynamic and milestone driven sensitive field of law.

Employment and Workplace Relations

Contracts; Work Rights; Bargaining; Investigations; Reporting; Restructuring; Compliance, Certified Auditing and more, with 20+ years experience, Tariq has your employment and workplace needs covered.

Estates and Wills

Experienced and well-versed in the requirements of wills and estates, Tariq seeks to capture your wishes in life to ensure they are carried out after death, as well as to protect and preserve them if required.


Immigration law is a unique area of the law in which Tariq has decades of experience. Ever-changing and with a myriad of options, knowing what best suits your requirements and how to achieve it is what Tariq offers.

Intellectual Property

Your ideas, your work, your brand, your IP and their preservation and exploitation are familiar concepts and processes that Tariq is able to defend or enforce on your behalf whether by advice, representation or submission.

International Trade

International trade law is another niche area of legal practice that Tariq is able to navigate for you. Whether to do with customs, shipping, law of the sea, international trade and/or arbitration, Tariq is uniquely able to assist you.


Tariq has successfully provided assistance to his clients with property planning and regulation matters much to their praises and delight. He also handles conveyances and can address legal issues where others cannot.


Right, wrong and responsibility is at the heart of tort law. Property born from rights, and agreements made by and establishing rights, determines right and wrong. Tariq understands rights and so is well placed to exercise yours.


Appeals dictate the ability to examine facts, arguments, law and a judgment beyond the attempts of others at all of that. Tariq enoys this challenge and will be happy to apply the principles of appeal to assist you.


All clients of Wise Legal Solutions and their matters are regarded and treated as important as each other but some organisations of note that Tariq has assisted to mention but a few include:

Wise Legal

Australia Post
Man with a Van
Gray Nicholls
R.J. Sanderson & Associates
Housing Industry Association
Seng Hork Foods
The Nunnery
Asanti Dance Company


Wise Legal Solutions primarily operates remotely and online depending on your requirements so get in touch with Tariq today.